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Welcome To My Blog: Real Estate – Real Talk

No more shop fronts, no more open homes, no more for sale signs. After 30 years as a real estate agent in the Darling Downs of Queensland, I have sold my last home. I honestly doubted if my retirement would ever come, because a little part of me never wanted to close on a career as dynamic and energetic as property management. Ironically, the very same career has afforded me the financial luxury of retiring at the age of 52. Now I have time to write my thoughts down in this blog without any kind of sales filter. Just me, my experience, and my honest beliefs.

‘Real Estate – Real Talk’ is precisely what you will find within the walls of this blog. My brain is now an open home for anyone to walk through (remove your shoes first, naturally), and my wealth of knowledge from a career that straddled both sides of the digital age is for sale for the low low price of zero dollars.

Within, you will find my finely tuned advice on every aspect of property management. From tips for aspiring agents, to my personal take on how to make your own home ready for the market. I have no purchasers, no vendors, no commissions, no marketing. It is a surreal sense of freedom that certainly does take some getting used to after three decades in the property game. While I get adjusted to life without the pressures of property management, I will divulge my accumulated mastery in the same way a vendor must divulge their family home of memories before vacating. While vendors accomplish this with a thorough clean and champagne toast, I will achieve this by writing this blog. Instead of a champagne toast, I’ll have an old-fashioned whiskey from the comfort of my living room recliner. So, relax, pour yourself a glass of your favourite drop, and enjoy Real Estate – Real Talk.

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