Street Appeal

Step -1 To Selling A Property = Street Appeal

If straight, white, glistening teeth make your smile shine brighter, then a fantastic fence will make your listing more desirable to the buyer of your dreams. Have you ever looked at a house with a little fence that comes up to your kneecaps? Well, that’s not the kind of fence I’m talking about, it is neither functional nor beautiful. It’s completely superfluous. So, now your brain is thinking about an 8-foot Colorbond fence, isn’t it? Well, that would be functional, but not exactly beautiful. When I need a fence, I always get my fencing Toowoomba contractors to come up with a design. They seem to know how to keep the kids and critters in the yard while turning the heads of passers-by.

I’m talking about the kind of fence that gives you true street appeal. The kind that entices buyers to make an offer. So, how can a great fence help you sell that home?

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A good quality fence makes families and animal lovers tick their real estate boxes. No one with young children wants a house without that fence line barrier to keep the kids in and keep them safe. On a similar note, animal lovers will be happy with a fence to keep their pooches safe in the yard. Knowing you can move in and not have to worry about the fence is a real attraction for buyers.

A functional fence also needs to look great. A good fence will match the tone of the house, So a grand old brick home will need a brick pillar fence with an impressively large gate. A lovely, renovated cottage will do well with a white picket fence. An acreage with a winding driveway and manicured lawn needs a big post and rail fence. Without a front fence, your vendor’s property just won’t feel like a home to potential buyers.

If a home is an important piece of art, then the fence is the frame. It gives a sense of completeness. When you have a fence, you can funnel potential buyers through the front gate and along the front path, past the geisha girl tree (magnificent in its shade of heliotrope), and through your grand entrance. Without a fence, your buyers just kind of trample around the lawn and find their own weird way into the house (missing that beautiful geisha girl and the grand entrance). Set your vendors up for success and encourage them to get a fence that oozes ‘street appeal’.

Buyers pay more for a house that requires them to do no work. Get your vendor to do the work for them, erect that magical front fence, and collect the extra 20% on the sale price. If you make it part of your process of preparing a home for the market, you and your vendor will enjoy watching the offers roll in. No time for ‘sitting on the fence’, so to speak; Get that front fence happening today!

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