Find A Good Gardener

Real Estate Trick #1 – Find A Good Gardener

Over a 30-year career in real estate and property management, I have come to realise the difference between the expensive areas and the not so expensive areas. It boils down to the gardens. Have you ever driven down a street with dead, patchy grass and overgrown masses of sticks that used to be bushes? It just doesn’t make you want to move in, does it? Now, imagine rows of houses with green mowed lawns, neat garden beds, and colourful shrubs and flowers. It feels like a place you could really settle into, right? You’re not alone. Statistically, your house price increases by around 20% when you swap that overgrown weed forest for some beautiful, landscaped gardens.

When Merryn and I renovated our Australian dream last year, we employed the team at gardener Toowoomba to create an Eden for us. They planted bare-rooted roses and trees, created perfectly trimmed hedges, along with colourful agapanthus’ and a stunning geisha girl tree. We also painted the front exterior of the house.

This project immediately improved the value of our home, but the newly renovated gardens gifted us an unexpected benefit. While the paint begins to fade and crack in the hot QLD sun, the gardens only become more established, the roses and trees grow larger, and the geisha girl seems to grow more beautiful and attract more butterflies every year. Even if you’re not thinking of selling at the moment, the sooner you get a gardener to work some magic, the more your garden will grow and your property value will grow along with it. What I’m trying to say, is that if you get a great gardener and attend to your little slice of heaven, it will be an investment that continues to improve the value of your house year after year.

Some people have excellent green thumbs there is no doubt. When it comes to increasing the value of your home, unless you have an eye for design and an endless amount of time and energy, you really need to hire a gardener. Most people add to their gardens after a spontaneous trip to the hardware store for something to do (and a sausage sandwich) on a Saturday morning. There really isn’t a lot of planning going on and the garden ends up having different elements stitched together over a season. On the other hand, a professional gardener will come up with a plan from the start which includes green grass, paved walkways, outdoor living spaces, and vegetation that grows well in your area. Get it all done at once and you’re Saturdays can be spent lovingly weeding, pruning, and watering your pride and joy. Your gardener may also make space for your BBQ area so you can still enjoy your regular weekend sausage sizzle too!

I’ve seen too many vendors neglect the garden and focus too much attention on which scented candle that they plan to burn during an open home; They always regret it when they’re drowning in a sea of low offers. Do yourself a favour, add real, long last value to your home; Hire that gardener. The grass really will be greener on your side of the fence!

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